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Who Knew?

Driving south on the New Jersey Turnpike with Wilco in the CD player, I became aware that visually, Winter has begun to dominate the landscape. The remains of Autumn have become more and more vestigial. Like most such observations, this one led on to another.

There in the heart of some of the worst of the country’s post-industrial mess, the NJ Turnpike driving south between Exits Twelve and Four, I discovered that the late-November weeds, shrubs and trees flanking the highway were simply gorgeous. The season’s first really hard freeze has yet to occur and the muted colors of the foliage, now fading to near monochromatic browns, are still infinitely varied. The seemingly random arrangements of different species of grasses, plants and trees combine in a natural architecture, offering surprising and beautiful configurations of shapes and values.

All of the above emerged at seventy-miles-an-hour, amid the eighteen-wheelers, clots and breaks of traffic and hidden within an overall surrounding environment of sprawl and clutter. Hmmm.


Ten That Made My 2008 A lot Better

images11. Impossible Germany                                 


     Nils Cline guitar wizardry

2. A House Of Gold                                            

Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott

     Country Gospel with hair on it

3. Track #23                                                        


     A Joyous hoot

4. Suicide Will Make You Happy            


     The Keith Moon Award

5. Midnight and Lonesome                        

Buddy Miller

     Redefining real country 

6. On a Neck, On a Spit                               

Grizzly Bear

     Try getting this one off the hamster wheel in your head

7. Tear My Stillhouse Down (live)              

Gillian Welch

     Welch and Rawlings on top of their game 

8. Poor Boy                                                          

John Fahey

     The late Master gives a clinic

9. Dark Come Soon                                         

 Tegan and Sara

     So underrated 

10. Crawl Back Under My Stone (live)        

Richard Thompson

     The true guitar god

Ten More For Late Night Listening

Crawl Back Under My Stone (live EP)                 Richard Thompson

Carretero                                                          Buena Vista Social Club

Impossible Germany                                        Wilco

But Not for Me                                                 Chet Baker

To Hold Down a Shadow                                 Pullman

What We Wear                                                 The Twin Atlas

Pony                                                                Kasey Chambers

Cabezon                                                          Red House Painters

Vincent Black Lightning 1952 (live EP)            Richard Thompson

Sky Piece                                                         Mark Fosson

My All-Time Top Ten Albums

No Bruce, no Beatles, no Stones, no apologies.

The list was originally compiled for a local non-commercial radio station event. It reflects strictly personal choices rather than significance. It may not be a true Desert Island Discography, but in a pinch, it would do for me.

1. Rumors – Fleetwood Mac

Why not? A great album whose very success assured the end of any possibility of music as a vehicle for change. I recently pitched it to a twenty-one-year old music freak who rolled his eyes at the prospect of actually having to listen to it. A week later he called and used the word “amazing” about it.

2. Hotel California – The Eagles

The same critique as Rumors. Go a couple of years without hearing anything from it (probably impossible if you ever got to shopping malls or own an FM radio) listen with fresh ears and test your reactions to it.

3. Wildflowers – Tom Petty

A so-called solo work, but a Heartbreakers’ album all the same, and the best thing old Tom’s ever done.

4. AJA – Steely Dan

A pinnacle for the band, filled with pop masterpieces,

5. Sweet Baby James – James Taylor

A never to be repeated tour de force covering an dazzling range of musical styles.

6. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic – The Sundays 

A one-off classic that set the bar for alternative pop. 

7. Slow Train coming – Bob Dylan

A much maligned Dylan effort, but the one that made a believer of me.

8. Being There – Wilco

A redefinition of pop-rock.

9. Songs For A Blue Guitar – Red House Painters

Don’t believe it? Listen to Kozelek’s cover of The Cars, “All Mixed Up.”

10. But Seriously Folks – Joe Walsh

A discarded musical jewel awaiting rediscovery. 


Current Playlist II

1. Impossible Germany – Wilco

2. Rearview Pictures – The Twin Atlas

3. Summer Is Icumen In – Richard Rhompson

4. Dark Come Soon – Tegan and Sara

5. Funky Kingston – Toots and the Maytalls

6. Don’t Fade On Me – Tom Petty

7. Swingtown – Steve Miller

8. Horseshoe Lounge – Slaid Cleaves

9. I Ain’t Got No Home – Bruce Springsteen

10. The Star Of Track And Field – Belle and Sebastain

11. Fortune Teller – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

12. The Just Is Enough – Clue To Kalo

Current Playlist

1. Fans, Kings of Leon
2. See You in the Evening, Mazarin
3. Passenger Side, Wilco
4. This Modern Love, Bloc Party
5. Waterfall, The Stone Roses
6. Walk Right Up, The Twin Atlas
7. Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap
8. O Solo Mio, David Grisman/Tony Rice
9. Feel Flows, Charlatans
10. Over and Over Again, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
11. Odessa, Mazarin
12. Jackson, Lucinda Williams
13. The High Road, The Feelies
14. Not Even Stevie Nicks, Calexico
15. Continental Luck, HiSoft
16. Heartbeats, Jose Gonzales
17. Can’t Be Sure, The Sundays
18. Come Inside, The Twin Atlas
19. Walk Beside Me, Tim O’Brien/Darrell Scott
20. Anywhere, Beth Orton