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Warning, Adult Content (Political)

“I know a guy who’s kinda confused; got muscles in his head never been used…” John Prine

Thinking about guys like that, I try to figure out why people believe the stuff they say they believe. It’s a difficult task and the difficulty seems to arise from the confusion between feeling and thinking. I try and do my best to keep the two separate, not that my efforts in that area have been marked with anything like success. From some of the coded racial and political comments I hear and from the so-called “funny” emails I receive, I begin to understand that there are a lot of people who don’t even try to make that kind of a distinction. They feel strongly about all sorts of things but there doesn’t seem to be much of a connection between their thinking and their feeling. In fact, I get the feeling, if that’s the right word, that there isn’t a lot of thinking taking place.

I read once that all politics are personal. That Lenin’s brother was hung by the Czar and that Giap’s wife died in a French prison are but extreme examples of the axiom. Closer to home perhaps, the motivations that lead toward the uglier forms of social and political belief would seem to lie in the lesser disappointments of life, the little humiliations of class, income or achievement. A broken heart or a never forgotten rejection, just might account for a lot of the misogyny in this world. And a dissatisfaction with one’s own position or face, as Mister Dylan once put it, could account for much of the attraction to racist, sexist and extreme political positions. There’s also no discounting the masturbatory pleasures of patriotism on the cheap; waving the flag and letting somebody else’s kids do your fighting for you. Senators John McCain and Jim Webb excepted. Continue reading ‘Warning, Adult Content (Political)’