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Let’s Hear It For The Band!

Check out my absolute favorite band, “The Twin Atlas.” Virtually under the radar but getting serious play on NPR as segment segues. Also significant satellite radio play.
The Twin Atlas in performance at Indre Studios, Philadelphia, 2005 (watercolor)

The Twin Atlas is a folk-rock band, known for its atmospheric folk & pop songs, written and home-recorded by Sean Byrne (son of this blogger) with Lucas Zaleski, who began playing together when they met at the University of Delaware in the early ’90s and began releasing music as The Twin Atlas in 2000.

Zaleski is now an NYC resident, and Byrne lives in Medford Lakes, NJ, and has drummed with the bands Lenola, Mazarin, Matt Pond PA, Audible and BC Camplight.
The foundation of their songs often come from Byrne’s compositions or from Byrne & Zaleski’s recorded collaborations and improvisations, upon which Byrne later goes back to and finishes; adding vocals, additional melodies & instrumentation, and assorted sounds. This work process has proved prolific to say the least.

Their last release is 2005’s Sun Township, a ten song set of haunting folk rock containing their most fully realized fidelity to date thanks to post-production by engineer Dave Grubb (Lenola, Like A Fox)

The Twin Atlas plays: acoustic & electric guitar, vocals, mandolin, keyboard, live & electronic drums, harmonica, banjo, effects, melodica, percussion, as well as whatever and whoever may be laying around at the time.

You can hear The Twin Atlas at