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Watch The skies!

“We don’t know who discovered water, but we know it wasn’t a fish.”
Marshall McLuhan

Over the past decade, I’ve taken up something I call “strolling.” It’s a form of very slow walking, usually after dark when the surrounding suburban streets are deserted. The slowness of the pace seems to encourage a heightened awareness of one’s surroundings, a state that rarely accompanies walking for exercise, and never while jogging. The second desirable development, one that may or may not occur with each episode, is a slow emptying of the mind and an emergence of a Zen-like state of being. Many who know me would say that the emptying of my mind should be quick work indeed.

The other night, after ten, I left the house to stroll. The night was mild for late March, soft with a clear, star-filled sky. I am aware that we live beneath one of the major North bound flyways, but the sudden passage of low-flying jetliner caught my attention, and triggered a modest experiment – to count the number of aircraft I might observe in the night sky during the thirty-five minute course of my stroll. The total was thirty-one, and because my view was restricted to the direction in which I walked, there were probably many more that I couldn’t see. Still, thirty-one airplanes in thirty-five minutes at ten at night is a lot of airplanes. Continue reading ‘Watch The skies!’