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It’s All Over Now Baby Red

jsm_photo_4I seem not to have been alone in using the word “gracious” to describe John McCain’s concession speech Tuesday evening following Barack Obama’s presidential win.

John McCain is a good guy. Given his Party baggage and the mess of the past eight years, he probably could not have won, no matter. I’d like to believe that had he won, he would have ditched the yahoos and reverted to type, governing in accordance with his record of independent principles and his evident sense of decency.

He never really had a chance. The overwhelming public sense of having had “enough” of the same old shit was reflected in the telling if cruel spoofs like Bill Mahar’s “Oh Grandpa!” and Tina Fey’s slightly more benign Palin takes. The post-election crowd  Tuesday night at McCain campaign headquarters in Phoenix told the final tale of the GOP; the all-white faces of privilege and reaction, the country-club crowd and their subservient help. In a country where at least one quarter of the population is now non-white, no national political party catering to racial entitlement is going to win, not without rigging the system. Don’t think they won’t try.

The die-hard states, those parts of the late Confederacy once characterized by H.L. Mencken as “the nether regions of the republic where the peasantry still sleeps with the cows” may persist in their voluntary role as the foot soldiers of what Bill Moyers calls the racist and “Reptilian” Right. But they appear to have forfeited any role in what will become the national political dialogue.

The great reactionary experiment proclaimed by Barry Goldwater and put in practice nearly three decades ago by Reagan has finally run its course, right into the ground. The past eight years of non-governance by the company of fools, scoundrels and mindless ideologues brought to D.C. by Dubya has irrevocably fouled the Republican nest.  It’s over and good riddance. Hope and faith renewed; turn the page and carry on.


Duped Daily By The Liberal Media

My approach to going through a morning newspaper has evolved over decades into a liturgy that if not honored in its every nuance can jeopardize the coherence of the entire day to follow.

With all in its requisite order; side table lamp turned a full three clicks to one-hundred and fifty watts of incandescence, coffee cup comfortably accessible, reading glasses on, I settle in to confront the larger world as defined by whoever happens to be publishing The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The codified start of my newspaper ritual begins with a scan of the front-page headlines. If a sufficiently dramatic event or items of compelling interest have made it to the front page, my journey starts there. I’m on alert for the bold headline; for stories of the rich and famous humbled, for a Supreme Court decision legalizing pot, or for features on the astounding talents of local pets. Once assured that life as we know it has not come to an end overnight, I revert to my default process for absorbing the contents of an ink-on-paper, home-delivered, mediated snapshot of the world I am told I inhabit. Continue reading ‘Duped Daily By The Liberal Media’